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The Belgium Ecosystem Services (BEES) network is a community of practice, which  connects research, practice and policy on ecosystem services and related issues by fostering exchange and real-life networking events. BEES increases the societal relevance of ecosystem service research, improves policy and practice uptake of state-of-the art scientific knowledge and facilitates innovative research methods. BEES also links Belgian research, policy and practice on ecosystem service and related issues to the relevant international networks.

The BEES community of practice aims to:

  • Develop ecosystem services concepts, tools and practices that help to adapt human activity and clarify ecosystem thresholds in order to preserve the actual and potential well-being of present and future generations; and to stop ecosystem and biodiversity degradation, and improve their status.
  • Develop mainstreaming & policy tools to promote the integration of ecosystem services concepts in policy and management, business and society.
  • Facilitate capacity building, exchange of expertise and experience: including methodologies and transfer of knowledge on Belgian ecosystem services to policy and share the needs from policy makers on this issue, to enable involvement of Belgian actors in national and international initiatives and build the capacity to conduct assessments of ecosystem services.
  • Provide overviews of state of the art knowledge and goodpractices.

Read our Mission-Vision-Strategy Statement for more information. 

The BEES community is supported by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform.

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